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Welcome to a site dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind the beautiful and loving toy dog "Tess" or Tessie as she is known to her friends.  Can you help us identify this dog?

In our home we have a White German Shepherd named Bailey, a Red/Copper Siberian Husky named Luna and we have Tess, an AKC Registered , supposed Pomeranian.  While walking in a dog park with Tess, a lady come up to me with a dog that looked identical in color and size, with the slight exception of a more narrow nose, and said, "What a beautiful Papillion you have."  After a bit of research I've determined that Tess is a "Paperanian", half Pomeranian, half Papillion.  Her human mother disagrees.  Thus the site you see before was created!

Here is Tess with comparative pictures of a Papillion and a Pomeranian:  Pomeranian,  Paperanian, or Papillion?  You decide!  (click on the thumb nails to see a larger image)

Tess Close Up

Tess Medium Range

Tess From a Distance