Day 1 Pics - Barcelona

Day 1 Pics - Barcelona
Day 2 Pics - Boarding
Day 3 Pics - Cannes
Day 4 Pics - Florence
Day 5 Pics - Civitavecchia
Additional Day 5 Pics


This gallery contains pictures from the first day of our vacation:

Driving from Airport

Down Town Barcelona

International Day Race

Hotel Entrance

Hotel Lobby

Big Hat Statue

Big Hat Statue Again

Walking to Las Ramblas

People at Las Ramblas

Street Performer at LR

Buildings at LR

Kathy at the Picaso Museum

Kathy at the Picaso Museum

Plants Shop

Entrance to Side Street to Picaso Museum

Entrance to Picaso Museum

Square by the Port

World Trade Center

WTC Again

Kathy Infront of Square


Statue at the Square

Another Statue at TS

When you order water, you get a big bottle.

My joy over the copious amounts of water.

Statues at Night Down Town

Sign for the Statues

The Street in Front of Our Hotel

Kathy in Front of our Dinner Pub

Tapas Inside

More of the Pub